Joanna Raad

[ art director]


Joanna Raad is a multidisciplinary artist and lecturer.
She has a Ph.D. in Theater, a Master’s in Cinema, and a BA in performing arts from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

She is also a researcher in the History of modern art and the correspondences between arts: analysis of colors in Michelangelo Antonioni first color movie “The Red Desert”,

As an Art Director, Production & Set Designer, Joanna worked on more than 120 projects in TV, commercials, music videos, cinema, and theatre. Some of her projects;

  • The Voice, promotional Spots, Film Odyssey, 2012
  • Abu Dhabi TV,’Hikmat Nissaa’, Signature Productions, 2009
  • Rai Uno – Rai 24, news Studio, Beirut Office, 2008
  • Scheherazade TV series – Sirine Abdel Nour, Marwa group, 2007
  • Lazurde- TVC – Elissa, Rolling Films, 2009


  • New York University-Florence Italy branch/participation in Film Festival for the short movie ‘solitude rouge’1997
  • Documentary for Al Jazeera documentary channel “al Rahm el Samet”.
  • Featured in World scenography, second volume :This volume covers 1990-2005 designs for 409 productions from 55 countries representing the work of hundreds of designers, Eric Fielding, Peter McKinnon, a project of International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, Publications and Communications Commission, Dec. 2014
  • GTALK 2019
  • Article on the Bauhaus, on the occasion of the Bauhaus 100th anniversary, in Orient Palms online fashion magazines based in Paris (France) and Beirut (Lebanon)2020
  • Three solo shows and 14 collective exhibitions since 2003.
  • She recently joined AUB as a lecturer at the faculty of arts and art history (FAAH).

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