Yves Danbakli

[ financial advisor]


Yves Danbakli has more than 37 years of experience in the financial sector as auditor, financial analyst, and banker in France. He has also 24 years’ experience as a Macro economist and a Public Finance Senior Expert-Consultant, at a regional level (municipalities and local public authorities), as well as at an international level. Key expert or Team leader, he assisted at implementing European Union agriculture and rural development LEADER programme in France. He started the first missions for EU “Neighbourhood Policy”, integration process and “Stabilisation and Association agreement” in western Balkans, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Swaziland, Mauritius Island, Mali, Pakistan, Haiti and Madagascar.

Yves Danbakli intervened all over the world in public financial management (PFM) missions, assessment of national economic stability, elaborating, planning of public strategies, or analysing the entire financial budget issues, in their expenditure or financing components, as budget preparation, public accounting, cost analysis, Medium Term Expenditure Framework, budget execution or budget monitoring and evaluation, as for sector budget financing or budget transparency.

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